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Updating Spamfilter ISP

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Topic: Updating Spamfilter ISP
Posted By: johnnycnm
Subject: Updating Spamfilter ISP
Date Posted: 06 February 2014 at 11:06am
I'm currently running Spamfilter ISP enterprise and I'd like to update to the newest version. Is there any documentation on how to accomplish this? Is it as simple as downloading the newest version and simply installing it? Is there something I should backup before I do this? Like the domains folder?

Overall, I'm very satisfied with the product and so are my customers, but I'm seeing an issue with a 4.3.1 error from one of my exchange servers. The messages aren't being queued to be resent. I've got the QueueIfDestinationError400 = 1 set. But the the messages don't get resent. We're going to try to replicate the issue on the exchange server again tonight to see if it's still occurring.

Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 06 February 2014 at 12:35pm
If you login the registered user area on our website, you'll be able to download the latest registered version of SpamFilter.

To upgrade if you are running SpamFilter v3.5 or higher, you can simply download the “binaries” only package from the website, extract the two executables SpamFilter.exe and SpamFilterSvc.exe in the SpamFilter directory overwriting the old ones, and restart SpamFilter. 99.9% of our upgrades can be performed this way. Sometimes we may include additional files in the zip, especially the database containing the IP-to-Country database - simply copy those as well if present.

If you wish, you can also upgrade using the “usual” setup.exe installer, which essentially will do the same thing (upgrade the executables and leaving all the config files intact). However, if you’re like most admins, you will prefer to have total control of your upgrades, thus our first method will probably be your preference.

We'd be happy to assist with the issue you're seeing. If you contact us via email at support at, we'll try to help. Usually the following files will need to be collected and sent to us to troubleshoot:

• SpamFilter's activity logfile for a day this happened

• The to/from email addresses for at least one such email so we can locate it in the logs

• Your SpamFilter.ini file

• The \SpamFilter\Domains directory structure (if the files containing any of your blacklists/whitelists are outside that directory tree, please include those as well.

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