Spam Filter ISP - Anti Spam Filter Server

We created Spam Filter ISP to implement what many mail servers are missing: a spam filter gateway.

Spam Filter ISP's implementation is very simple and affordable. We offer a flat-price license, regardless on the number of users. Its use is recommended for ISPs and enterprises running their SMTP server, not end-users. SPAMFilter ISP is designed to be the spam filter gateway to your incoming SMTP server.

SpamFilter ISP has been helping companies stop spam since 2002. For larger organizations or internet service providers, our SpamFilter Enterprise allows to customize even further the filtering options for each of the domains being managed.

Spam Filter ISP vs Spam Filter Enterprise feature comparison

Spam Filter ISP and SpamFilter Enterprise receive all emails addressed to your domain(s) and use several different filtering methods to detect spam in emails. Spam-free emails are then forwarded to your SMTP server(s) (see SPAM Filter's details here). End-users have web access to view their own quarantined emails. An optional anti-virus plugin is available to stop email viruses.  

SpamFilter ISP's strength lies in the large number of filters that are applied to detect spam. Examples are:

  • SFDB - SpamFilter's new proprietary distributed blacklist database, updated in real-time by all SpamFilter ISP installations throughout the world.
  • SFDC - Our new centralized proprietary database contains hash signatures for all of the millions of emails received daily by SpamFilter installations in the world. We can thus determine in real-time if the email content hash matches spam already sent from other locations.
  • Images embedded in emails are scanned for spam by Spam Filter, even if they are contained in PDFs.
  • The sender's IP is listed in one or multiple DNS-based block lists.
  • The Bayesian statistical analysis of the email suggests it is spam.
  • The SPF (Sender Policy Framework) spam filter authenticates the sender to ensure their address is not fake.
  • All of the URLs in the email are tested using the SURBL spam filter to check if they are used to host spammer's websites.
  • Individual countries can be blocked by Spam Filter as wanted.
  • The sender's DNS MX mail records are tested for a correct configuration.
  • Email content is tested by the Spam Filter server against user-defined keywords (RegEx - Regular Expressions are supported by most filters).

Please see the details on "how SPAM Filter ISP works" for more information on our anti spam filter server and on all of our additional anti spam features.


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